Stratford PTO Bulldog Run

2nd Annual Bulldog Run 5K

PTO sponsored 5K/Fun Run to raise money for school. (USATF Certification Pending)

To promote healthy kids and family Stratford PTO hosts the Bulldog Run 5K twice a year. The first event is in May and the second event takes place at the annual Peach Festival in July. All money raised goes to the improvement of our school and to the improvement of student life.


Number of finishers:
Number of females:
Number of males:
Average time:


May 5, 2012 in Stratford, OK

2nd Annual Bulldog Run 5K - Results

  • Male Participants
    1. Josh Billings 0:20
    2. John Qualls 0:20
    3. Duke Davenport 0:21
    4. James Monroe 0:22
    5. Ryan Smith 0:22
  • Female Participants
    1. Suzy Lunsford 0:23
    2. Tricia Wood 0:23
    3. Ashley Walker 0:25
    4. Cait Madden 0:26
    5. Jenny Trent 0:27