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2014 Kicks 'n Kisses - A Valentine's Themed 5K

5K Cupid Chase--Searchable Format

No matter what your relationship status reads on Facebook - single, taken, married, or it's complicated - you need to spend Valentine's with us! Runners will have a chance to either run with their crush in the Duo Dash, or run down a valentine of your own


February 15, 2014 in Lincoln, NE

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5K Cupid Chase--Searchable Format - Results

153 Ty Masco M0119 2 1/4 2/46 17:41 5:42
109 Ryan Helmoski M0119 3 2/4 3/46 18:45 6:03
97 Brendan Gallo M0119 5 3/4 4/46 19:38 6:20
235 Jordan Walker M0119 12 4/4 8/46 21:25 6:54
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