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No Fans In The Stands 5 Miler

No Fans in The Stands 5 Miler

The Greatest Spectacle In Running

5 Mile Race


August 23, 2020 in Indianapolis,, IN

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No Fans in The Stands 5 Miler - Results

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\pard\sa200\sl276\slmult1\f0\fs22\lang9 No Fans In The Stands 5 Miler       Sunday August 23, 2020      Weather   84 and Humid\par
DareDevil Microbrewery  Speedway, IN 46224\par
Name\tab\tab              Bib#\tab\tab Age\tab Time\tab\tab PPM\tab\tab Age Grp Pl\par
1. Jason Hargrave\tab 4\tab\tab 46\tab 40:45\tab\tab 8:09\tab\tab 1/1M\par
2. Michael Sweck\tab 9595\tab\tab 37\tab 53:13\tab\tab 10:37\tab\tab 1/1M\par
3. Stephen Bartlett\tab 1722\tab\tab 59\tab 59:52\tab\tab 11:55\tab\tab 1/1M\par
4. Sandy Alexander\tab 1621\tab\tab 58\tab 1:02:32\tab\tab 12:27\tab\tab 1/1F\par
5. Chris Heylmann\tab 181\tab\tab 44\tab 1:03::01\tab\tab 12:36\tab\tab 1/1M\par
6. Naia Ballinger\tab 69\tab\tab 46\tab 1:03:01\tab\tab 12:36\tab\tab 1/1F\par
7. Tim Conger\tab\tab 416\tab\tab 69\tab 1:03:47\tab\tab 12:45\tab\tab 1/1M\par