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Friend Day 5k

5k Run

. With 2 aid stations along the way, everyone is sure to finish this race with stamina to spare. With an early registration rate of just $15, the whole family can afford to run together! A complementary race t-shirt is included, and you'll have the opport


Number of finishers:
Number of females:
Number of males:
Average time:


October 20, 2018 in Fort Collins, CO


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5k Run - Results

  • Male Participants
    1. Trent Born 19:46
    2. Deric Woods 20:31
    3. Alex Botero 20:32
    4. Dan Bisque 21:17
    5. John Roeske 21:21
  • Female Participants
    1. Ruth Waller-Liddle 19:33
    2. Colleen Reyes 24:16
    3. Valerie Doebley 24:51
    4. Kaitlyn Schoonover 25:00
    5. Anna Bisque 25:01