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Race for Fetal Hope

5K Stroller Results

Forget to return your timing tag at the finish or did not participate? No worries, avoid the $30 non-return fee and mail back to: Hallucination Sports, 9786 S Holland Street, Littleton CO 80127 (be sure to pad the tag).


Number of finishers:
Number of females:
Number of males:
Average time:


November 13, 2011 in Denver, CO

Results By

5K Stroller Results - Results

  • Male Participants
    1. Dan Edstrom 17:55
    2. Patrick Walker 24:18
    3. Eric Carpenter 24:27
    4. Rob Godby 30:05
    5. Andy Krajnak 30:56
  • Female Participants
    1. Gretta Fosha 21:16
    2. Jen Hurley 22:05
    3. Kelli Pratt 26:15
    4. Katie Devries 26:26
    5. Mayli Medina 31:13