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Community First Fox Cities Marathon Events 2011 logo

Community First Fox Cities Marathon Events 2011

Half Marathon

September 17, 2011 in Appleton, WI

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Number of Finishers:2,893
Number of Females:1,859
Number of Males:1,033
Average Time:2:20:09
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Half Marathon - Results 
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Male Participants
1. Jason Ryf 1:09:50
2. Dan Sutton 1:10:33
3. Dominick Meyer 1:10:47
4. Brad Theyerl 1:12:29
5. Dave Strubbe 1:15:13
Female Participants
1. Katie Howery 1:19:24
2. Katie Wondra 1:27:06
3. Nacole Fredrickson 1:29:58
4. Cathy Beck 1:31:59
5. Kristina Heinz 1:32:14